Blessed Mother

February 1, 2017



On January 13, 2017, my sisters and I did a Catholic craft. A retired teacher got us statues of the Blessed Mother so we could paint them. We had two paintbrushes. We had one big paintbrush and one small paintbrush. The teacher gave us one color at a time. First she gave us a skin colored paint and we painted the hands, feet, and face.  We used a small paintbrush because the were such small pieces to color. We used a small brush to paint her hair. We used a large brush and painted the statue’s dress a beautiful silvery-blue color. After everything dried , we put a glaze over the entire statue to make it shiny.
I really enjoyed working hard to make the statue beautiful like the Blessed Mother. It was a really fun craft. While we painted, a woman talked to us about the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.



Isabella (Bella) E.

Age: 12 Grade: 7 Hobbies: I enjoy painting, reading, eating, and sleeping. Patron/favorite saints: Saint Zita, Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Therese, and of course The Blessed Mother Favorite school subjects: reading and English