Categories and Guidelines



  • This is for some of our friends who are Catholic homeschoolers.
  • This is for children in grades 1 through 12
  • The submissions must follow these guidelines and be in one of the below categories.
  • Nothing can contradict Catholic teaching.
  •  We encourage you to write, and you can send us as many submissions as you would like per month, but not more than one in each category, please.
  • Mail your submissions no later than the 21st, to the editor, Genevieve for the next month.
  • Please give a title for your submission
  • Please include your name.
  • Please include a picture that relates to your submission. (You can draw the picture, take the picture, or find a picture on the internet. You can also include more than one picture) Make sure the pictures are good quality!
  • For the first time you write, please fill out the short bio. below. You can also include an optional (good quality) picture of yourself. Make sure it is a close-up so we can see your face clearly. (Please see the Columnist Bio. page for bio. examples.)
  • If you don’t want a picture of yourself online, you can send a picture of something else to be your profile picture.

Please fill out this bio.:
First name:
Last name initial:
Patron/Favorite saints:
Favorite school subjects:


Articles about saints: Any article you write of a saint that falls in the same month that the newspaper will be published, or your patron saint.

Short stories: Any creative writing that you do! (This doesn’t have to be Catholic writing, but it can be.)

Poems: A poem you wrote for a holiday, saint’s feast day, month, season…etc.

Jokes: Any funny joke you made up!

Crafts: A craft you made from a homeschool art book, something you were told to draw/paint/make in homeschool, something neat you found online for a craft, something neat that has to do with Catholicism craft…etc.

Recipes: Recipes that have to do with a saint’s feast day in the month, liturgical time, season, or month, or holiday. Or a family tradition recipe, or one of your favorite recipes,… etc.

Current Catholic Events: Current Catholic Events going on, new saint is canonized, the Pope visits America, new bishops are elected, Catholic talks,…etc.

School Stuff: Any school articles such as a book report, a research report, English paper, …etc.

Other Articles: Articles you write on your own and not for school.

Book/Movie Review: A review that you write on a book or movie. (Review needs to have a Christian theme or be a classic.)

Achievements and milestones: You celebrate your birthday, you receive a new sacrament, you earn/win an award…etc.

Other: (If you have any ideas for another category, please let us know!)