Short stories

Forest Adventures

May 1, 2017


“I am going out to play,” Ella yelled to her mom.  Ella was meeting her friends Bell and Jake in the forest for an adventure.  They always pretended that they were in dangerous situations.

As Bell and Ella were racing, they saw a glowing rock in a pile of rocks. They no longer cared who won the race but ran straight to the glowing rock pile as fast as they could. Ella got to the rock pile first and grabbed the glowing rock first.  She felt her skin start to tinkle and the world suddenly started to grow very large.  Bell reached the rock pile next and picked up the glowing rock the rock did the same thing to Bell as it had done to Ella.  They were both the size of a lady bug.

Bell and Ella looked at each other with fear in their eyes. They ran over to the glowing rock because they thought if they touched it again they would grow back to their normal size. Before they could reach the rock it stopped glowing. They both sat down and cried.

Jake was in a tree nearby and witnessed the whole thing. He ran as quickly as he could to the girls, scooped them up carefully, and brought them home to Ella’s mom. Ella’s mom gave them dinner and placed them in a doll house for the night.

Ella was almost sleeping when she was startled by a scream. She quickly grabbed a stick and ran to the other room. There she saw Bell being attacked by a mouse. Ella was just about to run and fight the mouse when she woke up in her bed. It was all a dream and everyone was safe and sound.  She said her prayers, thanked God she was not the size of a lady bug, and fell back asleep.



Sophia E.

Age: 10 Grade: 5 Hobbies: riding bikes, playing with cousins, eating, and waking my siblings up in the morning (I’m loud) Patron/favorite saints: Saint Lucy and Saint Sophia Favorite school subject: handwriting Other: I have two dogs, thirty chickens, and one turkey. One day I would like to have a mini horse and a mini cow.