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I Like Fishing

May 4, 2018

One of my favorite spring activities is fishing with my dad. Every year for my birthday, we head out early to a state park and spend the morning fishing. We drive out at sunrise because the fish are most active in the early morning when it’s not too hot. I have caught many different kinds of fish, but I mainly catch trout or smallmouth bass. Live bait such as red worms and meal worms have caught me the most. However, I also like using lures and fake worms too; they have also caught me a lot. For me, fishing is enjoyable, even though it can take a lot of patience! For your best chance at catching a fish, you have to be quiet and sit still. You will also get to see and hear a lot of other creatures, which is cool. A couple of times we have seen blue herrings fishing with us! I always have a good time fishing and make a lot of fun memories.



Luca M.

Age: 9 Grade: 4th Hobbies: Blacksmithing with dad, reading, and eating Patron/Favorite Saints: St. Raphael, St. Michael, St. Sebastian, and St. Dunstan Favorite School Subject: Math Other: You can always be sure to find something camo on me!