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Relic Exposition

April 14, 2018

On March , 2018, our family was blessed to be able to go to a relic exposition that was held by Treasures of the Church. Father Carlos Martins started Treasures of the Church and travels worldwide with 166 relics of the saints. Many people have been converted from the power of the saints working through their relics, and many people have received healings by praying in front f the relics. All the relics were in small reliquaries and were laid out on tables. You were allowed to pick up the relics, bless yourself with them, kiss them, and tough the reliquaries to your scapulars, medals, and Rosaries to become a 3rd class relic. Most of the relics of the saints were pieces of bone, but there were also relics from pieces of flesh, hair, and fingernails. Here are some of the relics that were there:


  • Fragment of the veil of the Blessed Mother
  • One of the biggest pieces in the world of a relic of the true cross
  • Fragment from the true crown of thorns Jesus wore
  • Fragment of the holy lance that was thrust into Jesus’ heart
  • Relics of all 12 Apostles
  • Relic of Saint Nicholas
  • Relic of Teresa of Avila
  • Relic ofSaint Maximilian Kolbe
  • Relic of St. Monica
  • Relic of St. Augustine
  • Relic of St. Patrick
  • Relic of St. Padre Pio
  • Relic of St. Bernadette
  • Relic of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
  • Relic of St. Dominic
  • Relic of St. Dominic Savio
  • Relic of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • Relic of St. Lawrence
  • Relic of St. Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Relic of St. Louis de Montfort
  • Relic of St. Gerard Majella
  • Relic of St. Gemma Galganni
  • Relic of St. Therese of LisieuxRelic of St. Lucy
  • Relic of St. Maria Goretti
  • Relic of St. Martin de Porres
  • Relic of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Relic of St. Rose of Lima
  • Relic of St. Gertrude the Great
  • Relic of St. Philomena
  • Relic of St. John Neumann


There were also relics of the other less well-known saints such as:

  • Relic of St. Veronica Giuliani
  • Relic of St. Zeno the Tribune
  • Relic of St. James Kern
  • Relic of St. Maurice the Legionary
  • Relic of St. Mary Euphrasia Pelletier
  • Relic of St. Jean-Theophane Venard
  • Relic of St. Jean de Lalande
  • Relic of St. Januarius
  • Relic of St. Conrad of Parzam
  • Relic of St. Claude de la Columbiere


Here are some pictures of us holding relics.




To visit the website of Treasure of the Church, go to:



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