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Lilies Of The Field Comparison

November 1, 2018

In the Lilies of the Field by William E. Barrett, Homer and Mother Maria both display diligence,  trustworthiness, and liberality character traits. The first similar character trait that Homer and Mother Maria displayed is diligence. Homer, who could not go a long time without working, did good work and was not lazy, moreover he did it without expecting to get paid. Similarly, Mother Maria was outside working on the fence, even though it was hot and she was a woman. She also worked in the field, caring for the vegetables, cared for the chickens, and milked the cow. The next similar character trait is trustworthiness. Mother Maria trusted that Homer would return from the city to finish constructing the chapel, and he did. At the same time Homer trusted that Mother Maria would “pray him some bricks,” and she did. Finally, unlike the cafe man, they were both unmaterialistic. In the end, Homer happily constructed the chapel without expecting any payment, while, Mother Maria was living a happy life devoid  of sufficient food, a bathtub, and other necessities. Though it seems as if Homer and Mother Maria were very different, they had very similar character traits of diligence,  trustworthiness, and liberality. 



Xavier L.

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