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Saint Francis of Assisi

April 10, 2017

I would love to build a church for God, and that is why I chose to read a book about Saint Francis.  In the biography, Saint Francis of Assisi, by Father Lovasik, Saint Francis begged for materials and repaired a church. In this book I learned about how Saint Francis lived a holy life.He lived his life for God. He was a good example to us all and I hope to follow his example all my life.
Saint Francis performed many miracles. He would talk with animals and they could understand him. He would tell them to do things and they would do it. Another miracle was when God talked to Francis and told him to rebuild His church. People thought Saint Francis was crazy and they threw stones at him. Saint Francis offered it all up to God. It did not stop him from doing what God wanted him to do.
Because Saint Francis lived his life for God, he converted many people. There was once a big crowd of townspeople fighting and Saint Francis talked to them and asked them to stop. The people listened to him because they saw how much he loved God. Saint Clare was inspired and followed Saint Francis. She took three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
I am happy that we have saints to help remind us to always do God’s will. I am thankful that Father Lovasik has taken the time to write a book about Saint Francis. I hope this book reaches the hands of all children and adults. I hope they are as inspired as I am to do God’s will, whether that be to build a church, be nice to our neighbors, or do God’s work even though others might make fun of us for it.



Sophia E.

Age: 10 Grade: 5 Hobbies: riding bikes, playing with cousins, eating, and waking my siblings up in the morning (I’m loud) Patron/favorite saints: Saint Lucy and Saint Sophia Favorite school subject: handwriting Other: I have two dogs, thirty chickens, and one turkey. One day I would like to have a mini horse and a mini cow.