The Life of a Child

March 1, 2017

I like to run and play,
My sisters away follow.
Sometimes we go all day,
We climb the tree that is hollow.

When our mother calls us in at night,
We all run very fast.
We know better not to put up a fight,
Or our butts will get a blast.

We wake up early and do our chores,
We really want to go play.
We have to sweep and mop the floors,
Until mother says we may.



Sophia E.

Age: 10 Grade: 5 Hobbies: riding bikes, playing with cousins, eating, and waking my siblings up in the morning (I’m loud) Patron/favorite saints: Saint Lucy and Saint Sophia Favorite school subject: handwriting Other: I have two dogs, thirty chickens, and one turkey. One day I would like to have a mini horse and a mini cow.