Book/Movie review

32 Days By Ellen Lucey Prozeller

March 1, 2017


I admire the bravery of a little Chinese girl named Pei in this fiction story, 32 Days. Pei and her family were devout Catholics. Every night they would pray a Rosary and once a week they would spend time in front the Blessed Sacrament. Pei had a brother named Ling and a sister named Min.

In 1948, communist took over China. Communists hate God and so if they found out that you were Catholic, they tortured you. The Catholic faithful continued to go to Mass every Sunday, but every Sunday there were less and less people. One Sunday, soldiers interrupted Mass and arrested Father Anthony.  The soldiers yelled at the people to get out, so they all ran. Pei’s grandmother dropped her favorite Rosary when she ran. Pei did not want her grandmother to be sad so she went back to get her grandmother’s Rosary.

Pei was hiding in the pew after she found her grandmother’s Rosary. She could not get up and leave because the church had soldiers who would capture her. She waited quietly and watched one of the soldiers shoot the tabernacle over and over again.  The Chalice fell over and thirty-two Consecrated Hosts fell to the floor.  After the soldiers left Pei, she ran home and told her parents what had happened. They told her there was nothing that they could do.

Pei thought about Jesus’s Body lying on the ground and couldn’t just leave Him. She went back every night and consumed one Host every night. She also day in prayer each night.  She did this for thirty-two days, and on her last day of consuming Jesus, a soldier caught her and beat her to death.
Like Bishop Fulton Sheen, I was inspired by the character, Pei’s love for Jesus. I pray that if anyone is evèr irreverent with The Eucharist that I will have the courage to act. I hope everyone gets to read this book and grow in love for The Most Blessed Sacrament.



Dominica E.

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