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Come to Antarctica!

February 1, 2017


In phonics, I had to write a brochure about the study of penguins in Antarctica. Here is the brochure:

Come to Antarctica! Its not all ice and snow. The guest place is heated. It has a TV so you can watch magic tricks. If you get bored they’ll give you a photograph of penguins to count. You will appreciate the penguin zoo! If you have any questions about penguins, ask Mr. Smello. You will enjoy watching the penguins slide on the ice. At the main penguin building you can buy food to feed the penguins, research penguin habits, and learn to communicate with penguins. That’s why you should come to Antarctica.



Isabelle L.

Age: 11 Grade: 6 Hobbies: Sewing, reading, baking cookies, and doing crafts Patron/Favorite saints: Saint Therese Favorite school subject: math Other: My favorite food is lasagna!